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  • Editing the sub domain connection in BankLink Books




BankLink Books

BankLink uses the Practice's unique BankLink Online sub domain to retrieve files for your particular practice. If you're an accountant that needs to access a BankLink client file using BankLink Online which is currently being accessed by another practice, the sub domain will need to be edited.

This process will also need to be done if you have changed your Practice sub domain (e.g. a requested name change), or if the client has come to your practice from a previous accountant who also used BankLink Online.


To edit the sub domain reference in BankLink Books
  1. Open BankLink Books.
  2. Select the following menu options Get Client files > From BankLink Online. A window to select clients updated from BankLink Online will appear. 
  3. Click Edit Connection (in the top right corner).  
  4. Enter the alternative subdomain,.
  5. Enter the username and password associated with that sub domain. This information is provided by the accountant.

    Reset password

    If required, you can reset the password from the BankLink Online login page.

  6. Click OK to save the changes.

You will now be able to see any client files that have been sent via BankLink Online for that sub domain.