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  • Accessing a BankLink Online client file using BankLink Books




BankLink Books

In MYOB BankLink Books you can access your client file in a variety of ways.  This can be done from an email or even using BankLink Online.  These instructions will help you access your file using BankLink Online.

Before you begin

Ensure the client file is Read-only. See Deleting or making a client file "read-only" in BankLink Books for instructions.

Once your client file is set to Read-only, use the following instructions to access your client file using BankLink Online. This involves setting up the connection, then accessing the client file.

1. Setting up the connection

Complete these steps only if it's the client's first time accesing a file from BankLink Online using Enhanced Client File Handling (ECFH).

  1. In BankLink Books, click Get Client File then select From BankLink Online.
  2. Click Edit connection (in the top right corner of the window).
  3. Enter the Subdomain, Username and a temporary password. This information should have been sent to the client's email address. After entering the temporary password a new window appear.
  4. Choose a new password then click OK.
2. Accessing the client file from BankLink Books

Once the connection has been established, the client will need to do the following to access the client file.

  1. Open BankLink Books.
  2. Click Get Client File and select From BankLink Online. A window appears with a list of clients available to retrieve from BankLink Online.
  3. Select the applicable client file then click OK. This will achieve the following:
    • The client file will be imported from BankLink Online.
    • The Online Status will be updated to Downloaded by Books in BankLink Practice.