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  • Setting up a client file to use BankLink Notes Online




 BankLink Notes Online and BankLink Practice

The instructions below describe how to set up a client for BankLink Notes Online and export the required data for the client to access.

This process sets up the client for BankLink Notes Online so your client can see transactions and add notes / coding etc.  As part of this process your client will also get sent two emails:

  • one email with the link to BankLink Notes Online web address,
  • another email with a temporary password to log in to BankLink Online.


1. Set up the client file
  1. In BankLink Practice, open the client file.
  2. Click Other Functions > Client Details > Options > Client Settings.
  3. Tick the Notes option.
  4. Type in the client's user name and email address as required. The client's email address is used as their login to BankLink Online and is also used to send messages when the new files are available.
  5. Click OK.

Once the client file is set up, you're now ready to export the data to BankLink Notes Online for the client to access.

Can't click Client Settings?

This can occur if the client file doesn't belong to your Practice system, or your Practice isn't registered for BankLink Online (the steps to do this are in your in-product help guide, Chapter A9: The System menu > Practice Details > MYOB BankLink Online

2. Export data to BankLink Notes Online
  1. Click on Other Functions > Export to BankLink Notes Online. The Export to BankLink Notes Online window appears.
  2. Choose the import options:
    • Check the date range.
    • Include Uncoded Only or All Entries.
    • Decide whether or not to send the chart of accounts.
    • Select which of the optional columns you want your client to access.
    • The email notifications check boxes are ticked by default. Leave these ticked to ensure your client receives an email when the transactions are available for them to work on and that your practice receives notification when the client sends the transactions back.
  3. Click OK. BankLink Practice confirms the number of transactions successfully exported to BankLink Online.
  4. Click OK. BankLink Practice displays the Export to BankLink Notes Online window.
  5. Check the message, add any attachments (for example Word documents or Excel spreadsheets) and click Send. BankLink Practice confirms that the file has been sent.
  6. Click OK.