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  • Transferring data which has already been transferred in BankLink Practice




BankLink Practice

In MYOB BankLink Practice, if a transaction import has failed or the extracted transaction file is no longer available, you may need to re-transfer the data.

BankLink Practice marks (or flags) this data as transferred, so to re-transfer the data you'll need to clear the transfer flags. This will change the coding period from purple back to green allowing you to extract that data again.

Help at your fingertips

Press F1 in BankLink Practice for more information on this topic - then navigate to Chapter 16:  Transferring coded data to your accounting system:  Flagging transactions

To clear the transfer flags from transferred data
  1. Open the client file in BankLink Practice.
  2. Select Other Functions > Housekeeping.
  3. Select the option Clear the transfer flags for a period. The Clear the Transfer Flags for a period window appears.
  4. Select the date range to clear the transfer flags. 
  5. Click OK. A message advises The transfer flags have been cleared.
  6. Click OK. The coding period will change from purple to green, indicating the transfer flags have been cleared.

The data can now be extracted again by selecting Other Functions > Extract Data.