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  • Un-presented cheques rejected when importing a BankLink Notes Online file




BankLink Practice

When importing a BankLink Notes file, Un-Presented Cheques (UPC's) will be rejected if the transaction already exists.

To fix this you'll need to clear the transfer flags for a specified period, then you'll be able to re-import the file.

To clear the transfer flags and re-import the file
  1. Open the client file in BankLink Practice.
  2. Click Other Functions > Housekeeping > Clear the Transfer Flags for a Period.
  3. Choose your preferred date range.
  4. Click OK to clear the flags.
  5. Re-import the BankLink Notes Online file by going to Other Functions > Import BankLink Notes File.
  6. Choose the settings you require and browse to the import file location.
  7. Click OK. The BankLink Notes Online file will import.
  8.  You can now set the transfer flags again (Other Functions > Housekeeping > Set the Transfer Flags for a period and choose the date range).