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Your website's primary domain name is the domain name all of your other domain names redirect to.

If you You can choose not to register a personalised domain name when you first set up your MYOB Atlas website, and if you do then the temporary domain name you receive when you first sign up will be used as your primary domain name. And if and when

If you do register a personalised domain name through MYOB Atlas, it will automatically become your primary domain name. You can change your primary domain name at any time. For example, if If you've purchased multiple domain names through MYOB, or you've purchased multiple domain names outside of MYOB and linked them to your website, you can set choose one of these as to be your website's primary domain name.


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titleTo set your primary domain name
  1. Click My domain names in the Settings Site settings toolbar.
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  2. From the Domain names purchased through MYOB or Linked domain names section, choose the domain name you want to set as your primary domain name and click the Primary link next to it.
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You've now set this This now sets the chosen domain name as your website's website’s primary domain name. It will This change can take up to 24 hours for your new primary domain name to become be reflected upon your website.




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titleWhat's the difference between my primary domain name and secondary domain names?

Your primary domain name is the domain name that all of your other domain names redirect to. For example, let's say your primary domain name is, and your secondary domain name is If visitors enter in the address bar of their web browser, they'll be taken to your MYOB Atlas website. Once your website loads, the domain name they'll see in the address bar will be someone enters in your secondary domain name, it will redirect them to your website. They will also see the primary domain name in the address bar of their internet browser

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titleHow do I know which domain name is my primary domain name?

You can find your primary domain name by clicking My domain names in the Settings Site settings toolbar, and checking the Primary domain name section.

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titleCan I change a purchased domain name?

Once you register a domain name it can’t be changed. If you made a mistake in the name you registered, you will need to purchase a new domain name. For more information on this, see Registering domain names (Australia | New Zealand).

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titleIt's been 24 hours and my new primary domain name still isn't active.

If you've set a linked domain name the domain that you are trying to set as your primary is hosted by a different domain name, you may need to check whether this domain name is linked properly. For more information about how to link a domain name, see Linking domain names registrar, it could be that the domain isn’t properly linked with your website. Have a look at Linking domain names to your website for more information on how to link external domains to your website.

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title(Australia only) As a domain licence owner, what are my rights and responsibilities?

You can find details in Registrant Rights and Responsibilities Under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

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