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MYOB Atlas

The following contains important summary information about the free access to MYOB Atlas for one year and associating that website with a free domain name for one year. The full terms of use, including the privacy policy, can be accessed here: Terms of Use.

Eligibility and other important information

(a) MYOB Atlas is only available to genuine New Zealand businesses for the purpose of promoting and growing a business online. Only one MYOB Atlas Service is available per business.

(b) The website you create using MYOB Atlas is subject to storage limitations associated with your chosen plan. Storage limits are outlined in the MYOB Atlas Learning Centre.

(c) After the first year, a monthly subscription charge is payable by you to use the MYOB Atlas service. Monthly plans are priced from $5 (inc. GST). This monthly charge will be applied in accordance with these Terms.

(d) To maintain your MYOB Atlas Service beyond the first 12 months, it is your responsibility to provide your payment information to us.

(e) You can cancel your MYOB Atlas Service at any time. Please refer to section 2.4 of Terms of Use for more information.

Registration of a domain name at no charge for 12 months

(a) If you agree to the .nz Domain Name Commission registrant obligations in the .nz Registrant Agreement available at, you can apply to register a domain name at no charge for the initial 12 month license term.

(b) Registration of a domain name at no charge is your responsibility. Follow the prompts within MYOB Atlas.

(c) The initial domain name licence is valid for 12 months, after which a renewal charge will apply for minimum of 12 months and up to a maximum of ten (10) years.

Using a address or a pre-existing domain name

  • Your MYOB Atlas website will automatically be assigned a temporary domain name.
  • If you do not wish to take up the domain name offer, you may continue to use the temporary domain name.
  • If you already have one or more domain names which you wish to use with your MYOB Atlas website, you can do so at no additional cost.
  • You can purchase addition domain names at your own expense at any time.

MYOB Atlas and

  • This offer may be changed or revoked at any time.
  • MYOB Atlas, Atlas by MYOB, the Atlas logo and the MYOB Atlas & Atlas logo are trade marks of MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.