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  • Error: "Unable to import BankLink Notes file - Rejected due to match not found"




BankLink Practice

This error can occur when importing a BankLink Notes (Desktop) file into BankLink Practice because at the time the Notes file was exported, the database was not aware of the export.


To resolve this issue try to export the exact same period from Banklink Practice to a Notes (Desktop) file. This reproduces the ‘export’ action in the database so that it will accept the import for the same period.

  1. In the client file, click Other Functions.
  2. Click Export BankLink Notes File.
  3. Select To File.
  4. Save the .trf file to a different location than the file you are trying to import.
  5. Delete the freshly exported file immediately. This avoids confusing it with the file you are trying to import.

You should now be able to import the client's BankLink Notes (Desktop) file.