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  • AccountEdge interrupted when processing timesheets through payroll (Australia only)




When recording pays in Process Payroll at step 2, a problem can occur if AccountEdge crashes unexpectedly, for example, if you're using AccountEdge on a network and the server unexpectedly shuts down.

If you're using the Timesheets function to create the pays, you'll find that even though the pays haven’t been recorded, the timesheets WILL NOT show when you go back to step 1 of Process Payroll.

This is because the timesheets have been flagged as recorded on a pay even though the pay hasn’t been recorded. The timesheet cannot be deleted because they're considered to have been recorded in a pay.


There are three options for addressing this issue:

  • Enter the timesheet hours on the pays manually, using the Timesheets report as a guide to the hours recorded on the relevant timesheets. If the employees don’t have a standard pay they will not appear in Step 2 of Process Payroll. Therefore you will either need to create Standard Pays for each employee before running Process Payroll, or select the Bonus/Commission pay frequency at step 1.
  • Restore a backup of your company file which was created before the crash. For more information on backing up and restoring, see the AccountEdge help.
  • Export the timesheets by selecting the relevant date range, then import these timesheets into your company file. For more information on importing and exporting, see the AccountEdge help.

Company files that crash should always be Optimised and Verified in case there is a corruption (File menu > Optimise Company File and File menu > Verify Company File). If your company file has become corrupt, our Data File Repair team are here to help.