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  • Error: "We could not find the bank account number /CASH JOURNALS" when importing from BankLink Practice




BankLink Practice

In MYOB Accountants Office when importing the BankLink Bank Account or a Cash Journal the following message Error: We could not find the bank account {account number}. / CASH JOURNALS may appear. 

This is error is caused by the BankLink bank account or the cash journal not being correctly defined in MYOB Accountants Office.


In MYOB Accountants Office General Ledger you will need to correctly define the Bank Account or Cash Journal in the Bank Account Maintenance window.

  1. Open your client's ledger file.

  2. Click the General Ledger drop down menu and select Bank Account Maintenance.
  3. Press F4 and define the bank account.
    The bank account must be entered exactly as it appears in BankLink, including any dots or dashes. 
    If you are still unable to correctly match the bank account, try changing the Account Type to Other.
  4. Ensure the Contra Code used for each Bank Account or Cash Journal is the same code used in BankLink.
    The Contra Code information can be found in the BankLink Client File under Other Functions > Bank Accounts.
  5. Try to reimport your BankLink into MYOB Accountants Office General Ledger.