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[11 December 2015]

We've just made some big updates to MYOB's super portal. Here's what's new:

Make contributions to self-managed super funds

If you have employees who want you to make contributions to self-managed super funds (SMSFs), you can now make those payments in the super portal, just like your other APRA-regulated funds.

When you upload a contribution file to an SMSF for the first time, you'll see this message:

Click the message and you'll be given the option to pick from an SMSF you've already created in the portal, or to create a new fund:

Click Create SMSF and enter the SMSF's details.

Note that you can also create and edit self-managed super funds in the Manage Funds section of the Employer Maintenance page. See the View employer details topic for more information.

Track payment status

Now you can see how your payments to funds are progressing, whether they've processed successfully, or if there's been an issue. You do this in the new Payment section of the portal.

Hover over the Status icons to get more information.

To learn more about this feature, see the Reporting help topic.