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Australia only

If you're in New Zealand, learn about lodging your GST return online.

For Australian businesses, MYOB Essentials has some reports to help you manually complete your activity statement (BAS or IAS). You can't submit your activity statement directly from MYOB Essentials.

The GST report for activity statement and the Payroll summary & detail reports will produce the amounts you can then record on your activity statement.

Before you begin

Make sure your GST settings in MYOB Essentials are correct. For more information see GST settings.


To work out your activity statement amounts

To work out your activity statement amounts

Use the GST report for Activity Statement to help you complete your Business Activity Statement (BAS) at the end of each period. Choose the dates your BAS needs to include, then copy the values from the report into the BAS form you send to the ATO.

  1. From the Reports menu, choose All reports.
  2. Under Business reports, click the GST report for Activity Statement. The report appears.
  3. In the Dated and To fields, choose the period for the report.
  4. If you want the values on the report to be calculated as at the dates that money was received, select the Cash basis option. If you want values calculated as at the dates that invoices or bills were issued (that is, on an accrual basis), deselect this option.
  5. Click Generate report. The report appears as a PDF, ready for you to review, save or print. You can use this report to help you complete your activity statement.

     Only transactions which incur GST will be listed on the report.

If you need to report amounts at the W fields on your BAS, complete the next task.

To work out the W field amounts

To work out the W field amounts

The W fields on your BAS are used to report your employees' gross wages and PAYG amounts. To help work out these amounts, run the Payroll summary & details report.

  1. From the Reports menu, choose All reports.
  2. Under Payroll reports, click Payroll summary & details.
    dates entered for reporting period
  3. In the From and To fields, enter the dates for your BAS report.
  4. Click Summary report. The report appears.
  5. From the report, enter the total of the Gross column in the W1 field, and enter the total of the PAYG column in the W2 field. Here's an example:
    amounts highlighted for W1 and W2 fields

Additional info:

  • The W4 field is where you can record amounts you’ve withheld from suppliers for not providing an ABN.
  • The W3 field is for other amounts you’ve withheld not covered by W2 or W4. You can find out more about these on the ATO website.
  • The W5 field is the sum of W2, W3 and W4, so you may find that you enter the same figure at W2 and W5.
  • Remember to also write the amount from W5 at 4 in the Summary section of the BAS.


Once you've completed your activity statement, learn how to record an ATO or IRD payment or credit.

Need help lodging your BAS or GST return? Consult an accounting advisor or consider inviting them to access your MYOB Essentials business. For more information see Invite your accountant.