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You might need to delete an imported electronic bank statement for a number of reasons, including:

  • you’ve imported the statement to the wrong MYOB Essentials bank account
  • you’ve imported the wrong statement
  • you've imported a statement containing the wrong date range

Note that you can’t delete bank statements containing transactions that fall within a locked period. If you want to delete these statements, you’ll need to unlock the period before deleting them.


To delete an imported bank statement
  1. On the Bank transactions page, click the Import History button at the top of the page. The Import History page appears.
  2. In the Bank account list, select the account you want to delete an imported transaction for.
  3. Click the icon in the Action column for the statement you want to delete. The Bank Statement Transactions window appears, displaying a list of all the transactions in the statement, and their allocation status.
  4. Click Continue. A message appears, displaying a summary of the statement you’re deleting. Note that if the statement you’re deleting contains transactions that fall within a locked period, you won’t be able to continue until you’ve unlocked the period.
  5. Click Delete. The statement is deleted, and the bank transactions are removed from MYOB Essentials.

No 'x' icon in the Action column?

This means the import was an automatic bank feed (it usually says this in the Imported By column), so it can't be deleted.


I've imported a bank statement and now I have duplicated transactions in MYOB Essentials - what can I do?

This can occur if you have imported a bank statement which includes transactions which have already been brought into MYOB Essentials via bank feeds.

To fix this:

  1. Delete the imported bank statement as described above.
  2. Download a new bank statement from your bank, ensuring the date range doesn't include transactions already in MYOB Essentials.
  3. Import the bank statement.