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If you've got a new phone or other mobile device, you can set it up for two-factor authentication (2FA).

2FA is only affected if you change the device you want to use, not your phone number.

Because you can only receive codes on one device at a time, you'll need to change your 2FA device as follows.


To change the device you use for app 2FA
  1. Go to and log in with your MYOB account details.
  2. If prompted verify your account. If you:
    1. still have access to your current app 2FA device, enter the authentication code and click Sign in.
    2. no longer have access to your current app 2FA device, click Don't have your code? Try another way. See Recovering your account for further steps.
    After successfully logging in, the Personal Information page appears.
    2FA Personal Information Page
  3. Click Change your 2FA device.
  4. Re-enter your password and click Sign in.
  5. Enter the authentication code from your current 2FA app and click Sign in.
  6. Click Continue to begin setting up your new device.
  7. Follow the steps below for your new device.

    Android & Apple devices
    1. Open the Google Play or App Store app on your phone.
    2. Search for "Google Authenticator" and look for this icon:
    3. Download and install Google Authenticator onto your phone.
    Windows mobile devices
    1. Open the Windows Store app on your phone (or tap here).
    2. Search for Microsoft Authenticator and look for this icon:
    3. Download and install the application onto your phone.
  8. Once you've installed the authenticator app on your device, you need to link the app to your MYOB account.

    Link the authenticator app to your MYOB account
    1. Go to and log in with your MYOB account details.
    2. On the Personal information page, click Get started
    3. Re-enter your password and click Sign in.
    4. Choose Mobile app then click Next.
    5. Choose your operating system, then click OK I've downloaded the app.
    6. Open the authenticator app on your device and add a new account. If you have trouble, see the app's help.
    7. If your app allows you to set up 2FA by scanning a barcode in the app, choose that option and scan the QR code that's displayed on the MYOB screen. The below is a sample only.
    8. If you can't scan the QR code, your app will have an option that lets you manually type a code instead. To do this, click Can't scan with QR code? on the MYOB page and enter the code that appears into the app.
    9. Once you've scanned the QR code or manually entered the MYOB code, a code will appear in your app. Type this into the Enter the code field on the MYOB page and click Continue.
    10. Click Download 10 backup codes, and save the file somewhere safe.
      These codes will help you sign into your account if you lose access to your device. Learn more about using your backup codes.
    11. Click Finish and sign in.
      From now on, when you sign in you'll be asked to enter an authentication code from your app. If you don't want to do this every time, next time you sign in tick the box that says Trust this device for 30 days.

Having trouble with 2FA? See Getting help with two-factor authentication


How do I change my 2FA email address?

If you use email 2FA, your verification codes are sent to the email address you use to sign into your MYOB software. If you want to change this address, you'll need to update your login details.

If you don't have access to your old email account, you'll need to contact us for help.

  • Australia - 1800 620 430 (7am - 8pm Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm Sat-Sun Melbourne time)

  • New Zealand - 0800 60 69 62 (9am - 10pm Mon-Fri, 11am - 7pm Sat-Sun New Zealand time)

  1. Sign in to my.MYOB with your current email address and password (sign in here: Australia | New Zealand).
  2. If prompted, enter your 2FA verification code.
  3. Go to the My Account menu at the top of the screen and choose Change Login.
  4. Update your login.

Still need help? Contact us and we'll get you up and running in no time.