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  • Discontinue managing a client's business from the Partner Dashboard




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The content below is for the MYOB Essentials Partner Dashboard. If you no longer have access, don't worry, there is an even better dashboard ready and waiting for you. See MYOB Practice Dashboard to learn more.

To access the MYOB Practice Dashboard, log in at and click Transaction processing in the top menu bar.


MYOB Partners only

From time to time, individual clients may decide to stop using MYOB Essentials, or you may resign from managing their businesses, or some clients may even move their business elsewhere. In all circumstances, you need to remove your connection to their MYOB Essentials business. This will permanently delete the business from your list, and going forward you'll be unable to access the business.

If you're not an MYOB Partner

If you need to cancel your subscription, there's a few things we need to turn off at our end. Give or support team a call and we'll be happy to help. In Australia call 1300 555 111, or from New Zealand call 0800 606 962.

Calling from overseas? Call +61 3 9045 4400

To delete a business from the Partner Dashboard
  1. From the MYOB Essentials Partner Dashboard, locate the business and click the delete icon () beside the business's name.
    partner dashboard with delete icons highlighted
    A confirmation message will appear
    Confirmation message with yes and no buttons
  2. Click Yes to permanently delete the business from your dashboard.