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The content below is for the MYOB Essentials Partner Dashboard. If you no longer have access, don't worry, there is an even better dashboard ready and waiting for you. See Transaction processing to learn more.

To access the MYOB Practice Dashboard, log in at and click Transaction processing in the top menu bar.


If you're an MYOB Partner, the first thing you'll see when you log in to MYOB Essentials is the Partner Dashboard.

Partner dashboard

It lists the MYOB Essentials businesses you’re managing, and shows some information about them, including whether they're registered for GST.

Partner Dashboard information

Partner Dashboard information

Name: The names of your clients' businesses, listed in alphabetical order. Click the business name to be taken to the business's MYOB Essentials Dashboard.

Bank feeds: Shows if your client's business is registered for Bank feeds. If registered for bank feeds, the number of unallocated transactions is shown.

GST status: Shows if your client's business is registered for GST.

Status: Shows the current subscription status of the business, including:

  • Active: The business has an active MYOB Essentials subscription.
  • Trial: The business is within its 30-day free trial, and will be suspended if a subscription is not active within the 30 days.
  • Suspended: The business has elapsed its 30-day free trial, or ownership was not transferred within 90 days of creating the business. A suspend account can be reopened by subscribing to MYOB Essentials from within the business's account.
  • Transfer ownership or blank: A client's business must be transferred ownership within 90 days of creation, or the business will be suspended. You will see a message at the top of your screen if any businesses need to be transferred. Transfer business warning
    To transfer ownership, click the Transfer ownership button, fill in the fields with the new owner's details and click Begin transfer. A transfer confirmation email will be sent to the new owner, and the business's status will change to Ownership pending until the owner confirms the transfer.
  • Cancelled: The business's subscription has been cancelled and cannot be reopened.

You can also use the Partner Dashboard to create and set up businesses on behalf of your clients, before handing ownership over to the client.

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