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The content below is for the MYOB Essentials Partner Dashboard. If you no longer have access, don't worry, there is an even better dashboard ready and waiting for you. See MYOB Practice Dashboard to learn more.

To access the MYOB Practice Dashboard, log in at and click Transaction processing in the top menu bar.


MYOB Partners only

Creating a business on behalf of a client is an easy way to get your client set up on MYOB Essentials. You can later hand over ownership of the MYOB Essentials business for the client to manage.


To create a business

To create a business

  1. On the Partner Dashboard, click Create a business. The panel changes to a form in which you can add the business.
    Partner dashboard with fields for a new business
  2. Enter the name of the business you’re adding in the Business Name field.
  3. Select the chart of accounts you want to use for this business, based either on what the business does, or using one of your existing businesses as a template. For example, if the business is a retail store, you might choose the ‘I sell products’ chart of accounts.
    If you choose a chart of accounts based on what the business does, the accounts created will include the standard accounts that are usually required for this type of business. You’ll still be able to add and remove accounts later if required.
  4. If you participate in the rewards program, enter your MYOB client ID or serial number.
  5. Click Create.
    The business appears in your business list, and can be accessed by clicking the business name.
  6. If necessary, return to the MYOB Essentials Partner Dashboard and continue working with your own file.
To transfer ownership of a business you created

To transfer ownership of a business you created

Within 90 days of creating a business, you'll need to transfer its ownership to the business owner or the business will be suspended.

Need to reactivate a suspended account? Suspended accounts won't be deleted, and can be used again by subscribing to MYOB Essentials from within the suspended account.
  1. On the MYOB Essentials Partner Dashboard, click Transfer ownership in the Status column.
    The Transfer Ownership panel will appear.
    transfer ownership panel
  2. Enter the user’s first name, last name and email address.
  3. Click Begin transfer.
    An email will be sent to the user’s email address, informing them of the transfer and providing a link to log in. The Status will change to Ownership pending until they accept, or you cancel the transfer.
  4. If needed, resend the transfer email or cancel the transfer from the Resend transfer dropdown list.
    Resend transfer dropdown options
    Your client will have access to all the features of MYOB Essentials as a 30 day trial. When they subscribe, they'll be able to choose which level of MYOB Essentials they need, e.g. Accounting Starter, Accounting + Payroll, etc. Learn more about subscribing to MYOB Essentials and getting started with MYOB Essentials.