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The content below is for the MYOB Essentials Partner Dashboard. If you no longer have access, don't worry, there is an even better dashboard ready and waiting for you. See MYOB Practice Dashboard to learn more.

To access the MYOB Practice Dashboard, log in at and click Transaction processing in the top menu bar.


MYOB Partners only

If you're not a member of the MYOB Partner Program, you can manage your clients' businesses from the My businesses page.

My businesses page with businesses listed

This page lists all of your clients' businesses. Click a business name to access it.

Are you an MYOB Partner? If you're an MYOB Partner, you'll use The Partner Dashboard to manage your clients instead. Sign up for the MYOB Partner Program here: Australia New Zealand.

Creating a business for a client

You can create a business for a client by clicking Add business and entering the client's details.

New business details

Not sure which product to choose? MYOB Essentials offers three different accounting products - each suiting varied business types. See MYOB Essentials products for more information.

When finished click Add business and go to dashboard. The business will then be available from your My Businesses list.

To give your client access to the business, add them as a user. See Creating users.

To get access to a client's business

To discontinue working with a client's business

If you want to stop working with a client's business, you can ask them to delete you as a user from their business. See Edit and delete users.