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Before you start using MYOB's super portal to make SuperStream-compliant super payments, you'll need to set up a few things in MYOB Essentials. You'll find a checklist on the Pay superannuation page (Payroll menu > Pay superannuation)

It's best if you start by signing up for MYOB's super portal, then continuing with the other setup tasks.


Once you've updated these details, you're ready to start making compliant super payments. See Paying super.

Can't find the signup button?

When you've completed the business, bank and employee setup tasks, the panel containing the Signup button will no longer be available. If that happens, you can still sign up for MYOB's super portal by selecting at least one super payment on the Pay superannuation page and clicking Pay super. In the popup window, click Go to MYOB's super portal. You'll be able to sign up from there.

Note that you'll need to have completed at least one pay run that included a super component since 1 July. If you can't see any super payments to select, try changing the Downloaded filter at the top of the list to Not downloaded or All.