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OK, let's step you through a pay run from start to finish. If you can't complete the process in one go, that's fine. Click Save at any time and resume the pay whenever you're ready.

The July 2021 tax tables will automatically apply to pays you record from 1 July onwards.

1. Start or resume pay run

Start or resume pay run

  1. From the Payroll menu, choose Enter pay. The Pay centre page appears.

  2. If you're resuming a saved pay, click Resume pay run (under Pay run on the right) then skip to task 2 below to review the payslips. If you'd prefer to restart a pay run (instead of resuming it), deselect then re-select an employee.

  3. Under Confirm dates:

    1. In the How often field, choose the pay frequency. For example, if it's a weekly pay, choose Weekly.

    2. In the From and To fields, chose the first and last day of the pay period. Dates must be within the current or previous payroll year.

    3. Choose the Pay on date. This is typically the day you're processing the pay run.

  4. Under Select employees to pay:

    1. Select the employees you're paying.

    2. Click in the Email column to select which employees you want to email payslips to. You'll need to have entered their email addresses on the Employee details tab of their employee record to be able to email their payslip.

      A tick shows in the Bank File column if the employee is being paid electronically.

  5. Under Pay run, click Start pay run. The Pay run page appears where you can review the pay details.

Continue to task 2 below...

2. Review payslips

Review payslips

The details in an employee's pay can be reviewed and updated on the Pay run page. The pay items listed for an employee are based on their employee setup. If a pay item isn't shown, make sure you’ve set it up and selected it on the Pay items - earnings & deductions tab of the employee’s record. Learn more about assigning pay items to employees.

This is also where you can enter leave on the pay run.

On the Pay run  page:

  1. If required, enter or change the Hours or Amount for each pay item. For example, if an employee worked fewer hours than normal, change the Normal hours.

  2. (New Zealand only) Enter or change the Days being paid this period. This includes days worked and paid leave days. You can store a default value for this in an employee's record (Payroll > Employees > click the employee > Employee details tab > xx hours per week over xx days).
  3. If the employee has taken leave or worked on a public holiday and you want to include this in their pay, click Add holidays or leave, then select the type of leave and make any required changes to the calculations. For more information, see Paying leave.

    example pay

    Changing the PAYE tax

    If you need to pay more or less tax for an employee, click on the employee's PAYE amount in the grid and type the new amount. This must be the last change you make to the employee's pay in this pay run, as any additional changes will cause the PAYE to be recalculated at the default rate.

    If this is an ongoing change to the employee's tax, you'll need to manually override the default amount each time you do a pay run.

  4. If paying more than one employee, click Next employee and review their pay as described above.

  5. When you’re satisfied that all the pays are correct, click Review payslips. The Review Payslips page appears, displaying all payslips for the current pay. Check them for irregularities, but don’t print them just yet—they'll be printed at the end of the pay run.

    • If the payslips aren’t correct, click Return to pay run and make any required changes.

    • If the payslips are correct, click Finish pay run.

    finish pay run button
    The  Pay run summary  page appears, showing a summary of each employee's pay.

    Can't see the Finish pay run button? Clear your internet browser cache (see instructions for Chrome or other browsers)  

  6. Check the pay run summary. If you need to make corrections or confirm any details, you can click Return to pay centre. You can then edit the current pay run by clicking Resume pay run on the Pay centre page, then making your changes.

You're almost done. Continue to the final task below...

3. Finish pay run

Finish pay run

On the Pay run summary page:

  1. When you're happy with the pay run, click Looks good.
    looks good button
    The pay run is processed and payslips are emailed to the employees you just paid.

    Not able to complete the next step? If nothing happens after you click Looks good and the pay run appears to be stuck on the Pay run summary page, this may be an issue relating to the user who authorised payday filing. See the FAQ, Why is the pay run stuck on the Pay run summary page?, below for a possible workaround.

  2. If you're set up for payday filing click Record and file to submit your payroll info to Inland Revenue.


  3. You can check the status of your submissions by going to the Payroll menu and choosing Payday filing.
  4. If you're paying any employees without an email address, you're prompted to print their payslips by clicking Print payslips to finish pay run. The payslips are created and appear as a PDF in your web browser where you can print or save them.

    example payslip

  5. If you're paying any employees electronically, you're prompted to download a bank file which you can upload to your online banking site. Click Download bank file and choose where you want to save the file. Learn more about paying employees electronically.

    pay run complete message with download bank file button

  6. If no employees are being paid electronically, click Done.

You can now pay your employees using cash, cheque or electronically. Providing the funds are drawn from your bank account for paying wages, you will be able to match the bank transactions to the payroll transactions in MYOB Essentials.

Learn more about understanding your payroll transactions.

Speed up pay day

Use timesheets—Get your employees to submit timesheet hours online, straight into MYOB Essentials, using YourPay. Submitted timesheets can be viewed, saved or printed by clicking View timesheets in the Pay centre. Learn more about using YourPay.


How do I delete or change a pay?

How do I change or delete a pay?

  1. Go to the Payroll menu > Employees > click the employee's name > Pay history tab.

  2. Click the X in the Del column for the pay you want to delete.

See Changing or deleting a pay for more details.

How do I email my employees' payslips?

How do I email my employees' payslips?

To email an employee their payslip, record their email address on the Employee details tab of their employee record. Learn more about entering employee details.

When you do a pay run, select the email payslip option for the employee.

email payslip option selected for 2 employees

Can I add a note to an employee's payslip?

Can I add a note to an employee's payslip?

You can add a note to an employee's payslip on the Pay run page (after clicking Start pay run). Add your note in the Notes to appear on payslip field for the selected employee. Selecting another employee lets you add a different note.

Continue processing the pay as normal.

Why am I getting the error "Please check your values"?

Why am I getting the error "Please check your values"?

If you're in New Zealand and a pay includes annual leave, you might see this error:

If you're seeing this error when processing a final pay, your solution is here.

To fix this error:

  1. In the employee's pay, click the Annual leave this period link.

  2. Select the option Too much variation in work hours and pay to define Ordinary Weekly Pay?

  3. Enter zero for Gross earnings of past four weeks and Hours worked.

  4. Deselect the option Too much variation in work hours and pay to define Ordinary Weekly Pay?

  5. Click Save.

You'll now be able to finalise the employee's pay.

How do I restart a pay run (instead of resuming it)?

How do I restart a pay run (instead of resuming it)?

On the Pay centre page (Payroll menu > Enter pays), deselect then re-select an employee. You can now start the pay run from scratch.

animation showing employee being deselected then reselected

Why is the pay run stuck on the Pay run summary page?

Why is the pay run stuck on the Pay run summary page?

If you're on the Pay run summary page and nothing happens after you click the Looks good button, this may be because the connection with the user who authorised payday filing needs to be refreshed. We're still investigating the issue, but here's how you can fix it:

You need to be an Administrator user to be able to add and remove users. If you can't do the following steps, contact us.

  1. Inviite a new user to the MYOB Essentials file with the Administrator privilege (need a refresher on inviting users?).
  2. Log out of the MYOB Essentials file.
  3. Log back into the MYOB Essentials file as the new Administrator user.
  4. Delete the user that experienced the issue in the pay run.
  5. Re-invite that user and assign them the Administrator privilege.
  6. Log out.
  7. Log back in as the Administrator user you invited in step 5.
  8. Process the payroll.
  9. (Optional) Remove the user you created at step 1.

If you get stuck, contact us and we'll be glad to help.