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Personalise your site to reflect your business image by choosing from a range of theme layouts and colour palettes. There are four theme layouts and five colour palettes available, allowing up to 20 different theme combinations.

Certain layouts will appeal to certain business industries—for example, Galaxy was created with the retail industry in mind, as it displays extra gallery items on the homepage. And some layouts (Supernova and Nebula) allow you to have both a logo and a large banner visible on your site at once, so you can use the banner to show off something related to your business (say, a photo of the interior of your store).

Different colour palettes further personalise your website's look and feel by offering a range of colours, fonts and button styles. This makes it easy to choose a layout and colour palette that suits your business needs and reflects your image.

There are two steps to choosing a website theme: choosing a layout, and choosing a colour palette. To do so, follow the steps below.

Themes are available with an Atlas subscription or during the free trial period.

To choose a website theme
  1. Click My theme in the Settings toolbar.
  2. On the My theme page, complete the following sections:
    • Choose your layout: choose one of the four different layouts to use with your website.
      You can scroll through examples of each layout by clicking the Previous and Next buttons.

    • Choose your colour palette: choose one of the five different colour palettes to use with your website.
      You can click each colour palette to see how it looks applied to the layout you're currently viewing.

  3. Once you're finished, click Save.

Once you've chosen your layout and colour palette, you'll be prompted to add or change your logo and banner, to make sure that they fit the dimensions for your chosen theme. For more information, see Adding your logo or banner.


What does it cost me to use themes with my MYOB Atlas website?

For MYOB Atlas pricing information, log in to your website and click My account in the Settings toolbar.

Why can't I access the layout or colour palette I want?

The number of layouts and colour palettes you can select from depends on your chosen Atlas plan. If you can't access the one you want, it means that your current plan doesn't include access to it, and you'll need to upgrade your plan to use it.

Why isn't my chosen theme appearing on my website?

MYOB Atlas uses caching to make sure your website loads as quickly as possible. This means that after you've selected a theme, it will take around 5 minutes for the changes to take effect. Make sure you've waited at least 5 minutes for your changes to appear, and then check your website again.