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  • Getting ready to sell online




Want to start selling your products and services online through your MYOB Atlas website? Before you start, check out our top 5 tips for getting ready to sell online.

1. Make sure you have clear images

Online shoppers judge the quality of your products and services by what they can see. If you can t access professional photos, you can still take great shots by following these simple steps:

  • Use a plain background—make sure there s nothing distracting. A neutral background will place the focus solely on your subject.
  • Get closer—it seems simple, but zooming in until your subject fills the view finder can really bring out the details!
  • See the light—make sure there s lots of light around your subject, but know the range of your flash as shiny surfaces can bring out a reflection in your pictures.

2. Update your content

What you say about your products and services is important. Write clear captions for each item with relevant information such as description, dimensions or weight, and make sure you add a price. To do this click Gallery on the public menu, then Edit at the bottom of the gallery item. For more information, see Creating a gallery and adding gallery items.

3. Display your best products on your homepage

You can choose to display your favourite items on your homepage, so put your best foot forward. The number of items you can show depends on your chosen theme, and if you've selected more items than this (or if you don't select any items), a random selection will appear. To do this edit your gallery item and select Show this gallery item on my homepage. For more information, see Creating a gallery and adding gallery items.

4. Plan for shipping

One of the biggest reasons shoppers don't buy online is because of shipping costs. Offering free shipping may be a great way of increasing sales. For more information, see Entering settings for sales and payments.

5. Make it easy for people to get in touch

Not every visit will result in a sale. Sometimes customers want to make an enquiry first. So make sure your contact details are up to date. To edit your existing contact information click Edit settings at the bottom of the Contact information section. For more information, see Publishing your business and contact information.