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Get the most out of your website with an MYOB Atlas Approved Partner

Haven't got time to set up an MYOB Atlas website? Want to link tweets and posts to and from your social network sites like Twitter and Facebook? Maybe you want to personalise your website, but aren't sure what's best for your business. Or you might like to create an online store but have concerns about security.

Whatever you'd like to do, an Atlas Approved Partner can help you get the most out of your website, so you can get on with what you do best running your business.

An MYOB Atlas Approved Partner can help you set up:

  • A domain name that's best for your business
  • Your own business email address to match your domain name
  • Google tools that help you be found
  • Layouts and colour palettes to reflect the personality of your business
  • Gallery, logo, and banner to make your website more appealing
  • Linked social networks so you can keep content fresh and stay connected with minimal time
  • An online store so you can start selling
  • A payments page to accept invoice payments online

They'll also answer any technical queries and provide recommendations to better achieve your website goals.

A small investment for a huge return

An Atlas Approved Partner will come to you, or you can work with them remotely. Whatever you choose, you can be assured your Atlas website will be the best for your business and your customers.

You can even allow an Atlas Approved Partner to log in to your Atlas account as a user. This way you can concentrate on running your business, while they make your website really take off.

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