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  • Adding a user to a BankLink Notes Online file




BankLink Notes Online

In MYOB BankLink Notes Online, another email address can be added to log into BankLink Notes Online.

To add a new user

  1. Log into BankLink Notes Online.
  2. Open the client file.
  3. Click on the Settings menu option and select User Settings.
  4. Select Add.
  5. Complete the client's name and the email address.
  6. (Optional) Select the applicable options:
    • Administrator: This option will provide the user with the ability to add additional users.
    • Primary Contact: This option identifies the email address that will be using BankLink Notes Online the most.
  7. Select either All BankLink Online Products or Notes. This will ensure that the nominated email address will be able access and view the Notes Online transactions.
  8. Click OK. The email address entered will receive two (2) emails
    • BankLink Online email:  This will notify the new user of the website where they can log into BankLink Online.  Example:  https://<subdomain>/
    • Temporary password email:  This will provide a temporary password for the first time the user logs into BankLink Online. 

MYOB BankLink strongly recommends changing the temporary password after logging in for the first time - this ensures user security.