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  • Increasing the application storage for BankLink Notes Online




BankLink Notes Online

When logging in to BankLink Notes Online, you might be prompted with the following message:

"BankLink Online requires more disk space to be able to run. Click Yes and Microsoft Silverlight will ask you for permission to increase the storage. Click No if you do not wish to increase storage and do not wish to use BankLink Online".

If you clickthis will happen
YesYou'll be asked to confirm the increase - click Yes again.

The following message is displayed:

"There is insufficient disk space to run BankLink Online. If you wish to use BankLink Online please restart the application and accept the request to increase the size of storage."

To increase the storage

  1. Close your web browser.
  2. Log in to BankLink Online.
  3. At the prompt about increasing the storage, click Yes.
  4. At the Microsoft Silverlight confirmation prompt, click Yes again. The BankLink Online Software Update screen appears.
  5. Read the information on this screen then click OK. BankLink Notes Online transactions will then show.