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BankLink Books

A backup file can be created automatically or manually depending on the set up of the backup mechanism within BankLink Books. When a backup is created, the backup file has the file extension ".OSB" (e.g.clientcode.osb). OSB stands for 'Offsite Site Backup'.

The instructions below described how to setup BankLink Books to automatically create backup files, and how to manually create a backup whenever you choose.

Backup files can be:

  • restored in BankLink Books as described below, or
  • renamed (by changing the .OSB to .BK5) and used as a live client file.

To set up BankLink Books to automatically create backup files

This setting in BankLink Books will ensure a backup file is created automatically each time a client file is saved or closed.

  1. In BankLink Books, go to the File menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Click the Backups tab. The default setting on the Backups tab is do nothing.
  3. Choose the Backup Automatically option.

    If you prefer, you can select the option Prompt me for a Backup Directory. This will result in BankLink Books asking where you want the backup to be saved each time you save or close the client file.

  4. In the Backup client file to field, click Browse and select where you want to save the backup files.
  5. Click OK.
To create a backup file manually
In BankLink Books you can create a backup of a client file at any time as follows:
  1. Go to the File menu and choose Backup.
  2. Click Browse and select where to save the backup file. The backup will be saved in this location with a .OSB file extension, for example clientcode.osb
To restore a backup file
  1. In BankLink Books, click the Open option from the top left corner.
  2.  Use the Browse button to browse to the location of the backup file and select the file.
  3. Check the File Name field contains the correct file.
  4. Click Open. The Restore Client File window will appears.
  5. Click Yes to proceed with the restore.
  6. BankLink Books displays an Information window informing you that the file restore process has been completed.