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BankLink Books

When updating your software it's important to know that you should only update when your accountant asks you to do so. BankLink Practice and BankLink Books software must be the same version to be able to exchange client files.  Please contact your accountant if you have queries or concerns about upgrading.

To upgrade BankLink Books use the Check for Updates option under the Help menu. This launches a wizard to help you first check for, and then install the update.

Before you begin

Ensure you have confirmed with your accountant that the upgrade is required.

To update BankLink Books
  1. Open the client file in BankLink Books.
  2. From the Help menu, select Check for Updates. The Check for Updates confirm window appears.

    If you receive the error "Cannot check for updates, please try again later" see Error: "Cannot check for updates, please try again later" when updating BankLink Books.

  3. Click Yes to the update confirmation. The BankLink Books Update window appears and shows the most current update.
  4. Select the latest update and click Download. The BankLink Books upgrade downloads and once downloaded a prompt appears to confirm the install.
  5. Click Yes. The install wizard prompts you to confirm certain details such as the current location of BankLink Books.
  6. Proceed through these prompts entering the relevant information.
  7. Open BankLink Books and from the Help menu, select About.
    The About BankLink Books window appears showing the version number as the updated version.