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  • BankLink performance issues using dial-up or satellite internet




BankLink Books and BankLink Notes Online

A client file in BankLink can vary in size and the ability for the software to be able to send the file with a dial up connection will depend greatly on its size.

If you connect via a dial up or satellite connection then due the low connection speeds you will inevitably experience performance issues when trying to send or receive a file using BankLink Books or BankLink Notes Online.

BankLink's software does not have a connection speed threshold to adhere to so as long as there is an active connection the software will attempt to connect.

Due to this, errors may appear if the connection takes too long to process the file or connect to the server. If this does occur the error 12002: Connection Timeout will appear on screen. If this does happen close out of the software and try again or try at later time when the connection may be a bit faster.