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  • Installing BankLink PayablesPlus, InvoicePlus, Books and Notes Desktop on an Apple Mac




BankLink Books, BankLink InvoicePlus, BankLink Notes and BankLink PayablesPlus

Apple Macintosh users that have either a Windows Emulator as their virtual environment or the Boot Camp utility (included in Apple MAC operating systems) will be able to use the BankLink Desktop Client Tools which include the following:

  • BankLink PayablesPlus
  • BankLink InvoicePlus
  • BankLink Books
  • BankLink Notes Desktop

Whether using a Windows Emulator (i.e. VMware) or the Boot Camp Utility, you will need to install Microsoft Windows (version 7 with the latest service pack or higher).

Installing via a Windows Emulator or Apple Mac Boot Camp Utility

To use the abovenamed BankLink products on an Apple Mac computer you will need to have the following software:

  • A Windows Emulator (e.g. VMWare) or the Apple Mac Boot Camp Utility.
  • A copy of Microsoft Windows (version 7 with the latest service pack or higher).
  • BankLink installation file for the specific product - available from the MYOB BankLink website.

If using a Windows Emulator

Once a Windows Emulator is installed (i.e. VMWare Fusion 4) together with Microsoft Windows, you can install the specific Banklink product in the same way as a Microsoft Windows based computer. 

If using the Apple Mac Boot Camp Utility

The Boot Camp Utility is a built in component of the Apple Mac operating system.  When the Mac operating system is installed, the utility will create a partition allowing you to choose to start up your machine using either Apple Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows.