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  • Error: "Cannot check for updates, please try again later" when updating BankLink Books




BankLink Books

Whilst upgrading BankLink Books you may receive the error "Cannot check for updates, please try again later".

This error occurs when the software can't communicate with the BankLink servers to download the update file.

The instructions below describe how to identify the BankLink Books installed location which you'll need to know when installing the upgrade. You can then download and install the upgrade.


1. Identify the installed location for BankLink Books

When installing the BankLink Books upgrade, you'll need to know the software's installed location.

This is how to find it:

  1. Open BankLink Books.
  2. From the Help menu select About. The About BankLink Books window appears.
  3. The current location where BankLink Books is installed is displayed at the bottom of the window under the heading BankLink Books Folder.

You're now ready to download and install the upgrade. Ensure all users are logged out of BankLink Books prior to completing these steps. 

2. Download and install the BankLink Books upgrade

Once you know the BankLink Books installed location, you're ready to download and install the upgrade as follows:

  1. Close BankLink Books.
  2. Right-click the link that applies to your country and choose to save the file to your Desktop:
    BankLink Books Update - New Zealand
    BankLink Books Update - Australia
  3. Double-click the downloaded file (on your Desktop). The upgrade wizard opens.
  4. Follow through the prompts on this wizard to complete the installation. You'll need to know the installed location as determined in the previous task.
  5. When complete, confirm that BankLink Books has upgraded.
    1. Open BankLink Books.
    2. From the Help menu select About. The About BankLink Books window appears showing the version number as the updated version.