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  • Producing a Tax Invoice in BankLink Practice



BankLink Practice

You can produce Statement/Tax Invoice for your practice that lists monthly account charges from within BankLink Practice.

Press F1 in BankLink Practice for more information on this topic - then navigate to Chapter A9: The System Menu: System Reports: Statements and Download documents.


To generate Statement/Tax Invoice for a month
  1. Open BankLink Practice.
  2. From the System menu, go to System Reports and select Statements and Download Documents.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow and select the Statement/Tax invoice for the month from the list. BankLink Practice displays the Statements and Download Documents window with the most recent Statement/Tax invoice for the month, the data of which has been downloaded by the practice. If the recent month does not show up in the list, please download the data and then try again.
  4. Once the month is selected, click Create PDF. BankLink Practice opens a separate Adobe Reader window where you can view, save, print or email the document.
  5. Close the Adobe Reader window to return to BankLink Practice, where you can select another month’s Statement/Tax invoice or click Cancel to quit the Statements and Download Documents window.