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  • Deleting a bank account in BankLink Practice




BankLink Practice

If you want to stop processing transactions for a bank account, and/or delete the bank account, you'll need to generate a Send Delete Request from within BankLink Practice. This request will be emailed to MYOB Client Services.

Help at your fingertips

Press F1 in BankLink Practice for more information on this topic - then navigate to Chapter A9:  The System Menu:  Bank Accounts:  Deleting a bank account from MYOB BankLink Practice

To generate the Send Delete Request email
  1. Open BankLink Practice.
  2. From the System menu, select Bank Accounts.
  3. Enter the account number in the Search field and locate the applicable bank account.
  4. Click the account to highlight it. You can choose multiple bank accounts by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard and clicking the required accounts.
  5. Click Send Delete Request (on the left-hand side of the window). The Send Delete Request window appears.
  6. If you also want the accounts deleted, select the option Mark Accounts as Deleted.
  7. Click OK. BankLink opens an email containing information regarding the request to delete the selected bank account addressed to the MYOB Client Services team.
  8. Add any further information as required and click Send. The email is sent.

Processing of the request occurs within 2 weeks. If the Mark Accounts as Deleted option was selected, the bank account will be flagged as deleted in BankLink Practice.