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BankLink Practice

Use the Check for Updates option in BankLink Practice to check for, and install, available updates.

Before you begin

Ensure all other users are logged out of BankLink Practice before completing these steps.

To upgrade BankLink Practice

If you're in a network, perform these steps on the server.

  1. Log into BankLink Practice as a System user.
  2. Go to the System menu and select Options. The System Options window appears.
  3. Click the Updates tab.
  4. Click Check for Updates. The BankLink Practice Update window appears.

    Getting the error "Cannot check for updates"?

    See Error: "Cannot check for updates, please try again later" when updating BankLink Practice

  5. Select the latest update and click Download Now. After the upgrade file has downloaded, a prompt appears to confirm the install.
  6. Click Yes. The Confirm window appears, advising it is about to execute the upgrade file.
  7. Click Yes.  The installation wizard appears.
  8. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  9. When complete, open BankLink Practice.
  10. Go to the Help menu and choose About. The About BankLink Practice window appears showing the version number as the updated version (as displayed at step 4).