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  • Saving coding data entered into a read-only file




BankLink Books and BankLink Practice

If a file is in Read-Only mode, it usually means the file has already been sent out of BankLink Practice and is with the client. The system assumes the file is being edited by the client and it becomes Read-Only.

This prevents two versions of the same file being created. In Read-Only mode, any changes made to the file will not be saved.

If you do some coding work, and realise the file is in Read-Only mode, you can save the work you have done (as long as you do not close out of the file) by saving a copy of the file under a new client code.


To save a Read-Only file with a new client code
  1. Go to the File menu and choose Save As. The Save As window appears.
  2. Choose a new client code. If you like, you can simply add a number or letter to the existing client code.
  3. Click OK. The file will be saved with the new client code.
  4. When you receive the file back from the client, you can print a coding report from the newly created client file. This will show the work you did while in Read-Only mode. You can then quickly recode that information in the returned file.