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  • Setting up a BankLink Books Secure client




BankLink Practice

By registering a client as a BankLink Books (Offsite) Secure client, they will be able to retrieve their transaction data via BankLink Secure directly into BankLink Books.

To start this process you will need to send BankLink Client Services a BankLink Secure Client order form.  Please select your country to download the applicable form:

Complete the required information on the form and follow the submission requirements, then complete the tasks below.


Setting up a BankLink Books (Offsite) Secure client

Client Services will set up a BankLink Secure Code and you will receive an email with the client's BankLink Offsite Secure Code. A BankLink Support Analyst will advise the accountant a 4 digit PIN number over the phone.

  1. Open the Client File in BankLink Practice.
  2. Click Other functions > Client details.
  3. Click the Options tab.
  4. Select the option Allow client to download directly via BankLink Secure.
  5. Enter the BankLink Offsite Secure Code into BankLink Secure Code field.
  6. Click OK.

You can now proceed to do your first Books (Offsite) Secure Client data download as described in the next task.

Downloading data for a Books (Offsite) Secure Client for the first time

MYOB BankLink recommends that the accountant performs the first data download on behalf of the Offsite Secure client.

  1. Open the Client File.
  2. Click Other Functions > Download new data.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Enter the Password which you nominated on the Secure Client Order Form (which you sent to BankLink Client Services).
  5. Once the data is downloaded, enter the 4 digit PIN provided by the BankLink Support Analyst.
    A message will appear confirming the data download is complete.  
    At this time you may not have transactions downloaded if we have not started receiving transactions from the bank(s). That's fine as it has downloaded the bank accounts attached to the Offsite Secure Client and authenticated the Offsite Secure code, ready for the next download.
  6. Click OK. The Data Download window closes.

You can now send the file to your client.

Downloading data using BankLink Books
  1. Get the Client File from the accountant via an email attachment or BankLink Online.
  2. Open the Client File in BankLink Books.
  3. Click Other Functions > Download New Data.
  4. Click Connect. BankLink advises to wait until a message confirming data download has complete shows.
  5. Click OK. The Data Download window closes.