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  • Sharing the Chart of Accounts with a client using BankLink PayablesPlus




BankLink PayablesPlus and BankLink Practice

An accountant using BankLink Practice can export the Chart of Accounts to a client who can then import this into BankLink PayablesPlus.

The tasks below describe how to do it.

To export the Chart of Accounts from BankLink Practice

Inside the Client File in BankLink Practice you will need to do the following:

  1. Select the following menu option Reports > Listings and click on List Chart of Accounts.  
  2. Select either the Basic Chart (the chart codes visible to the client) or the Full Chart (all chart of account codes).
  3. Click the File button. You are given the choice to export the chart.
  4. Select the Microsoft Excel (CSV) option as the file format.
  5. Nominate the location where you want to save the report.

This file can now be provided to the client (via email or on a portable storage device) so it can be imported into BankLink PayablesPlus.

To import the Chart of Accounts into BankLink PayablesPlus
  1. Open BankLink PayablesPlus and ensure you are in the correct file.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Choose the Import Chart option.
  4. Click on the Browse option.
  5. Locate and select the CSV file that was exported from BankLink Practice. The Import Chart window opens and displays the Chart of Accounts.
  6. Click Import. A confirmation window will appear.
  7. Click Import to confirm.

The import is now completed and the chart can be used to code invoices and credit notes.