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Hey, employers! Check out Employee timesheets and payslips with YourPay instead.

YourPay is a mobile web app where you can enter timesheets and check your payslips. It works on your smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can access it anywhere.

When your employer invites you to YourPay, you'll receive an email with a link. Can't find the email? Access YourPay at (You'll need to sign in with the MYOB account you were asked to create).



Save to the home screen of your smartphone for quick access. How? It depends on the phone, but usually involves opening the webpage and selecting Add to home screen from the browser menu.
Entering your timesheets
  1. In YourPay, click or tap Timesheets.
  2. Enter your hours for the current pay period.

  3. If you took an unpaid break during your shift, click Add break to enter it.
  4. If you worked more than one shift for the day, click Add shift to enter another one.
  5. If you have notes you want to share with your employer, enter them in the Notes field.

    Add a note for any 'non-normal' hours
    We recommend you add a note any time you work hours that wouldn't be classed as 'normal'. This includes overtime, or any sort of leave (annual, sick or bereavement).
    For example, if you worked 2 hours overtime on Tuesday on top of your usual 8, you'd enter 10 hours for Tuesday and add a note to tell your employer that 2 of the hours were overtime.

  6. When you're ready to submit your timesheet to your employer, click or tap Submit. Or, if you don't want to submit it yet, click or tap Save to save your changes.

    Need to change something?

    No worries! As long as you haven't submitted the timesheet yet, you can make changes up until your employer does a pay run for that period. Just make your changes, then click or tap Update. Already submitted it? You'll need to get in touch with your boss.

  7. In the Timesheets list, the timesheet's status will be updated.

Viewing your payslips
  1. In YourPay, click or tap Payslips. Your last five payslips will appear in the list.

    Can't see any payslips? You might not have been paid yet. Check with your boss if that doesn't sound right.

  2. Click or tap the payslip you want to view. A summary will appear, showing the crucial information from your payslip.
  3. Need to see the whole thing? Click View PDF to download the full payslip.


When do I need to submit my timesheet by?

It's up to your boss, so get in touch with them to check.

What if my shift spans two days?

You'll need to enter each day's hours against that day. For example, if you work on a Monday night from 7pm to 1am, enter 5 hours for Monday and 1 hour for Tuesday.

What if my timesheet period isn't Monday to Sunday?

If your timesheet period is, say, Wednesday to Tuesday, you'll need to enter your hours across the two relevant Mon-Sun timesheets in YourPay.

What if I can't see the option for timesheets in the YourPay app?

If your logging into YourPay and can't see the timesheets section you will need your employer to select the option This employee will fill in timesheets in the Pay details section of the employee card. 

What do the timesheet statuses mean?

You'll notice that each timesheet in the Timesheets list has a status. Here's what they mean:

  • Not started – you haven't entered any hours yet.
  • Open – you've entered some hours, but haven't submitted it yet.
  • Submitted – you've submitted it.
  • Paid – your employer's done the pay run for this period.
What if I don't submit my timesheet on time?

Get in touch with your boss and give them your hours, as they'll need to enter them manually when they do the pay run.