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New versions of AccountRight are designed to give you more time saving features, help you stay on top of your obligations, keep your data safe and fix things that didn't go to plan (okay, fix the bugs). If you're working online, you also need the latest version to get the best online experience and performance.

What's the latest version?

If you're already using the latest version there's nothing else you need to do. You can check your current version by opening your AccountRight company file, going to the Help menu and choosing About MYOB AccountRight.


Seeing this message? You must update to keep working

As updates are released, older versions no longer work online. If your file's online, even if it's checked out, you must update to the latest AccountRight version.

If you're seeing the message above, click the Get the latest version button to download the update, or see Download and install the update, below.

If you use
You won't be able to open online files after
AccountRight 2020.22 Feb 2021
AccountRight 2020.319 Feb 2021

Download and install the update

If you have a current AccountRight subscription you can download the latest version. Just right-click the Download button and choose Save link as or Save target as to save the file to your Desktop.

InstallIf youRight-click "Download" and save the file
AccountRight PC Edition
  • Work online or offline
  • Need a simple installation (Windows administrator access not required)

Most AccountRight users just need this version.

AccountRight Server Edition

Work offline and store company files on a file server to share on a local network.

For more information, see Updating an AccountRight network.

All available updates are also accessible through the MYOB Software Downloads page .

Want more information on which AccountRight installation to choose?

To install the update
  1. Double-click the downloaded file. In the installation window that appears, follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. After the installation is complete, open the latest version of AccountRight using the new shortcut that's been added to your Desktop.
  3. Open each company file you use. If prompted to upgrade, click Yes.

    To upgrade an online company file, you must be the online administrator of the file.

  4. Finally, delete the installation file. Now you're up to date

Having trouble updating? See the Frequently Asked Questions, below.

Updating AccountRight on multiple computers

If you work on a company file on more than one computer (e.g. at home and at the office), you should install the AccountRight update on each computer before upgrading your company file.

Install the update on all computers before upgrading the file

If you're using AccountRight on a network, learn how to update your networked computers.

How to upgrade your file to work with the latest version

How to upgrade your file to work with the latest version

  1. After downloading and installing AccountRight, open AccountRight by double-clicking the AccountRight desktop shortcut.
  2. Follow the usual steps you do to open your file.
  3. When prompted, click Yes, upgrade to.... If you still have the previous AccountRight version installed, you'll also have the option to open the file in that version instead.

Have a question about updating? Ask the experts on the MYOB community forum.

Keeping AccountRight up to date

Updating from within your software is the easiest way to keep it up to date. When you open your company file, AccountRight will check for any updates you're entitled to. If one is available, you'll be prompted to download and install it.

Click Update now and follow the onscreen instructions to install the update.

Not seeing the Update button? See the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  AccountRight updates FAQs

Why doesn't 'Update now' work?

If clicking Update now in AccountRight isn't working, the latest version might already be installed—just look for the desktop shortcut.

If the latest version is not installed, follow the steps below:

  • Right-click the link below and choose to save the installation file to your computer (subscription required): 
    1. download PC Editiondownload Sever Edition
    2. Right-click the downloaded file and choose Run as administrator.
  • Install Windows updates. Install all Important updates, and any Optional updates for .NET Framework.
  • Try temporarily disabling the antivirus or firewall program on your computer then try the update again. Most programs like this can be temporarily disabled by right-clicking the program icon (near the clock in your Windows taskbar) and choosing the Disable option. See your antivirus or firewall program help for instructions.

After AccountRight has installed, turn these programs on again.

After installing, why is the AccountRight icon opening my previous AccountRight version?

After installing, why is the AccountRight icon opening my previous AccountRight version?

If you still have a previous AccountRight version on your computer, make sure you're using the correct shortcut icon to open the latest version. The desktop icon is labelled according to the version it will open.

To avoid any confusion, uninstall any previous versions you no longer require.

If you have pinned a previous version to your task bar, unpin it and pin the new version.

Why am I being asked to Modify or Uninstall?

Why am I being asked to Modify or Uninstall?

If you're asked to Modify or Uninstall this means you have already installed the latest version of the software. Click Close on this message and access the software from your desktop or start menu.

I just updated - why am I being asked to update again?

I just updated - why am I being asked to update again?

There's a couple of reasons this can happen.

  • First, make sure you're opening the latest version of AccountRight that you've just installed. Look for the new AccountRight icon on your desktop and in the Windows Start menu. To avoid any confusion, uninstall any previous versions you no longer require.
  • Secondly, if you have more than one AccountRight company file under the same serial number, you'll need to update each company file to the latest AccountRight version. If you only update one company file, the Update now button will remain showing in each of your company files.
How do I know if I'm using the PC or Server Edition of AccountRight?

How do I know if I'm using the Server Edition of AccountRight?

To check if you're using the Server Edition, look for SE in your desktop shortcut description.

If there's no SE, you're using the PC edition.

Why can't I install the update?

If you have downloaded an AccountRight update, but can't install it, you can try:

  1. Rename the downloaded file to put .exe at the end:
    animation showing filename being changed
  2. Use Google Chrome to download the file (download Chrome here). We've seen cases where other browsers, like Internet Explorer, can affect the file extension of downloaded files. What browser am I currently using?