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In MYOB Practice, you can store information about your clients and other contacts. This lets you use various MYOB Practice features to manage your client-related work. It also gives you easy access to client and contact details, even when you're on the road.

There are some differences that distinguish a client from a contact:


Clients are individuals or entities such as companies that you do work for. They must have a client code assigned to them.


Contacts are individuals or entities such as companies that the practice may come into contact with.

They may be:

  • suppliers of products or services to the business such as banks, solicitors, and tax agents;
  • prospective clients that the practice wants to keep in the database.
  • shareholders, directors or partners that you need in your database for tax relationship reasons but do not do work for.

Viewing client records

Click Contacts in the top menu bar. There are two lists you can access:

  • The Contact list page displays all the clients you have access to in your database. Click a client's name to open their workspace, or click anywhere else in the client row to quickly view their details on the same page, including phone numbers and tax information.
    (New Zealand only) You can also use the Contact list page to search for IRD numbers.
  • The Portal list page lists the portals you've set up for them, and key information. Click the portal's name to edit its details. 

Have a long list of clients, but working on just a few at the moment? Pin the clients you're working on to Client sidebar.