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Online invoicing is a fast and convenient way to email invoices to your customers. No more envelopes, stamps or mailing labels (unless you're really into that). It also lets you track your invoice activity without leaving your software.

When a customer views an online invoice, they can also see a list of all their unpaid invoices.

Here are the details:

To send online invoices

To send online invoices

  1. Email your invoice to your customer. Your email includes a link to a viewable online version of your invoice which your customer can view online or download as a PDF.

    Want to also attach a PDF invoice? Turn on the Enable PDF attachments option from the Set up your payment details page.

  2. If you’ve set up online payments, a Pay now button will appear on the online invoice. Your customer can pay the invoice on the spot using the payment methods you’ve activated. When the customer makes their payment, the payment details will automatically be entered into Essentials for you, and the invoice will be closed off.

To see invoice activity

To see invoice activity

You can check the status of the invoice at the bottom of the invoice's page. For example, you can see when an invoice was created, sent and viewed. You can also see if an email failed to deliver and when you received the payment.

How customers can see what they owe you

How customers can see what they owe you

When a customer receives an invoice from you, they can see a list of unpaid invoices that have been emailed to them. All they need to do is click on View unpaid invoices emailed to you to see their list.

Each customer will only have access to the unpaid invoices they have been previously emailed. That means the list they receive might not reflect all of their unpaid invoices.

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