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  • Cancelling your MYOB Atlas website



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If you want to stop using your website, you can cancel your MYOB Atlas plan at any time.


To cancel your MYOB Atlas website

To cancel your website, the Atlas account owner needs to send an email to with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Domain name
  • Business name
  • Your account email address (the email address where you receive MYOB Atlas correspondence)
  • Your MYOB Atlas Serial Number (you can find this by clicking My account in the Settings toolbar, and checking the Account information section
  • If you've registered any domain names through MYOB Atlas, tell us what you want to do with them (do you want to keep them or do you no longer need them?)


We strongly recommend that you extract any website data you want to keep, such as text, images, downloads and CSV files, before you submit your cancellation request. This information will not be recoverable after your cancellation is processed.