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  • Transferring domain names to another registrar




Your domain name registrar is the company who manages your domain name. They have a few responsibilities including renewing your domain name when it expires and updating your registrant details if they change.

Domain names purchased through MYOB Atlas can be transferred to another domain name registrar at any time.

For each domain name you want to transfer, you'll need the domain password, Auth Code, or UDAI code (depending on the domain name). This info can be retrieved through your MYOB Atlas website.


To transfer your domain name registrar
  1. Log into your MYOB Atlas Website.
  2. Click on Site Settings.
  3. Click on My Domain Names.
  4. Under Domain names purchased through MYOB, locate the domain name you're transferring.

    If your domain name ends in...then you will see...
    .com, .net or .orgGet Auth Code or .net.auGet Domain Name Password
    .co.nzGet UDAI
  5. Click the applicable Get option. The required code will be displayed.

    Having trouble retrieving your code?

    Please email and let us know that you want to transfer your domain, the domain name you want to transfer and the wording of any error messages which may have displayed.

  6. Take note of this code, including any capital letters and symbols that are part of the code.
  7. Provide the code to your new domain name registrar. They will then transfer your domain under their management.


Do these codes expire?

UDAI codes expire 30 days after they have been generated. After this period, you'll need to generate a new code through your MYOB Atlas website.

Auth Codes and Domain Name Passwords do not expire.