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  • Giving other users access to edit your website




Want some help with your website? You might want to consider inviting other users to access and edit it—they may be staff members, designers, bookkeepers, MYOB Atlas partners, or anyone else you want to help you out with your website. They'll be emailed an invitation to begin accessing your site and making changes right away.

Are you a user who's already been given access? See Accessing an MYOB Atlas website as a user instead.

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What parts of my website can a user access?

A user can access and edit almost all parts of your website. The only exceptions are the account information, PayPal account and Users feature—for more information, see Are there parts of the website I can't access as a user? in this topic.

This means that users can access and edit any parts of your website that aren't listed in the exceptions above. Some of these areas may include sensitive information, such as:

  • Domain names—users are able to register, link and unlink domain names.
  • Email addresses—users are able to add, delete or change the forwarding address for email addresses using the Email forwarding feature.

Before you decide to invite a user, make sure you're comfortable with them being able to access and edit such information.

Inviting users

To invite a user to access your website, follow the steps below. Note that you'll need their email address in order to invite them.

  1. Click Users in the Settings toolbar on the left of your homepage.
  2. On the Users page, enter and re-enter the email address of the user you want to invite, then click Invite user.

An invitation will be emailed to the address you entered. Note that it's valid for 5 days. And remember, as soon as a user accepts your invite, they'll be able to access your site and make changes. When an invite is accepted, you'll receive a confirmation email with the user's details.

To find out how to view a list of users you've invited, resend invites and delete users, see Managing users below.

Managing users

As well as inviting users on the Users page, you can also view a list of users you've invited, resend invites, and delete users. To manage your users in these ways, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Users in the Settings toolbar on the left of your homepage.
  2. Scroll down to the Users section. Here you'll find a list of the users you've invited. You can see the email address they chose to sign up with, the time and date they last logged in, and what the status of their invitation is.

  3. To resend an invite to a user you've already invited, click Resend invite.

  4. To delete a user and immediately revoke their access to your website, click Delete.