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With MYOB Atlas' simple email forwarding feature, you'll be able to present a professional image to your customers with personalised email addresses. Create email addresses that match your domain name - for example, if your domain name is, you could create the email address When your customers email your new addresses, the emails will be automatically forwarded to an email account of your choice (for example, a Gmail account).

Email forwarding is only available on the Basic, Plus and Premier MYOB Atlas plans. See What does MYOB Atlas cost for an overview of each plan.



Don't have a domain name? To set up email forwarding, you first need to have a domain name. Or, you can choose to link an existing domain name to your website instead (making sure you choose one of the two I want to create email addresses options when selecting an email template in step 4).

Already linked a domain name? If you've already linked a domain name to your website, and want to use it for email forwarding, you'll need to make sure that you chose one of the two I want to create email addresses options when selecting an email template in step 4 of Linking domain names to your website. If you didn't select one of these two options, you'll need to contact your domain name registrar again, making sure you choose the second option (I want to create email addresses to match my linked domain name) in step 4. This is so your registrar can change the MX record for your domain name.


To set up email forwarding
  1. Log into your MYOB Atlas website.
  2. Under the Site Settings menu, click Email Addresses.
  3. Under the Set up a new email address section, enter:
    • The first part of the email address you want to create (that is, the part of the email address that will appear before the '@' symbol). For example, if you were creating the email address, you'd type 'sales' in this field.
    • The domain name you want to create the email address with. For example, if you've purchased or linked more than one domain name, you'll need to choose the one you want to use from the drop-down list.
    • A name to help you identify the email address.
    • The external email address that you want to forward emails to. This should be an existing email address that you have access to.
    • Select the Make this email address active option (also see How and why would I make an email address inactive? in the FAQs below).

4. Once you're finished, click Add email address.

To read emails sent to your new email address

To read emails that have been sent to an email address you created in MYOB Atlas, just log in to the email account that you chose to forward email to (say, your Gmail account). Any emails sent to your email forwarding address will be forwarded to the inbox of this account.

Don’t see the emails being forwarded to your email account? Sometimes email providers can accidentally label them as spam, so don’t forget to check your spam and junk folders!

Not sure where your email addresses are forwarding email? Check the Email addresses section at the bottom of the Email forwarding page of your website.


How can I see and change the email forwarding addresses I have set up?

Clicking on Email addresses under the Site Settings menu, towards the bottom of the page you will see a section labelled Email addresses (X of Y). This will show you not only the number of email addresses set up compared to the total allowed by your MYOB Atlas plan, but also all of the email addresses you have setup and where they forward to.

These email addresses can be edited and deleted by clicking on the Edit and Delete options under the applicable email address.

How and why would I make an email address inactive?

You may need to make one or more of your email addresses inactive if you choose to downgrade your MYOB Atlas plan.

In this case, the number of active email addresses you're allowed will decrease. Before you downgrade you'll be asked to make sure that the addresses you want to keep are active, and all others are set as inactive.

To make an email address inactive, click Email addresses under the Site Settings menu, and click the Edit link next to the email address you want make inactive. On the Edit email address page, deselect the Make this email address active option. Once you're finished, click Update.

How do I know if my new email address is working?

In the Email addresses list at the bottom of the Email forwarding page, you can see the time and date of the last email forwarded for each of your email addresses.

If you think your email address might not be working, try sending a test email to it and checking whether this time and date is updated. If you don't receive the test email, check that you've entered the correct email address to forward to, and that the email hasn't been sent to your Spam folder.

Make sure you send your test email from a different address to the one that will be receiving forwards. This is because some email providers aren't able to forward emails to the same address that they've been sent from.

Can I send emails from my email forwarding address?

Unlike typical email providers, the email forwarding system in MYOB Atlas is not a full email system. Instead it only allows emails to be forwarded on, you can’t use MYOB Atlas to directly send emails from your email forwarding address.

Some external email providers do allow you to change the sender address when sending. Using your normal email account, you could send an email that appears to come from your MYOB Atlas email address this way. However, this is not something that all email providers allow, as this is sometimes used by email spam and phishing attacks.

Check with your email provider over whether they provide this functionality and if they do how to set it up.