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If you've registered domain names with a domain name registrar other than MYOB, you can link these domain names to your MYOB Atlas website. This means that:

  • when customers enter your linked domain name in the address bar of their web browser, they'll be pointed to your MYOB Atlas website, and/or
  • you can create email addresses to match your linked domain name using the MYOB Atlas email forwarding feature.  

Purchased your domain name through MYOB?

You don't need to link domain names you've purchased through MYOB. These domain names are automatically linked to your website.

To link a domain name, you'll first need to complete some simple steps within MYOB Atlas. Then, you'll need to ask your domain name registrar (the company who manages your domain name) to change some DNS (or Domain Name Server) settings. Keep reading to get started (or, for tips on finding out who's managing your domain name, see the FAQs below.


To link a domain name to your website
  1. Click Link a domain name in the Things to do toolbar.
  2. The How do I link a domain name? section will give you an overview of the process.
  3. When you're ready to continue, click Next: Enter domain name.

  4. In the Enter the domain name you want to link field, enter your domain name.
    You'll also need to choose why you want to link your domain name: so you can point the domain name to your MYOB Atlas website, so you can create email addresses to match your domain name within MYOB Atlas, or both.
  5. When you're ready to continue, click Next: Email your registrar.
    There's one last step before your domain name can be linked. Using the sample email provided on the screen, email your domain name registrar (the company who manages your domain name). They'll need to change the domain name's DNS (Domain Name Server) settings.

  6. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the sample email text.

  7. Paste the copied content directly into a blank email.

    Already have email services set up with your current domain registrar? Remove the MX record values from the email.

  8. Send the email to your domain name registrar.
  9. When you've done so, click Return to your site.

Once your domain name registrar has updated your domain name with these settings, it will take up to 48 hours for them to become active. The time this takes (known as Time To Live, or TTL), depends on the company. To give you an idea of how long it will take, you can ask your domain name registrar for the TTL for your domain name.

When the updated settings are active, your domain name will be linked to your website. You can see a list of your linked domain names by clicking My domain names in the Settings toolbar, and checking the Linked domain names section.

Want to make your linked domain name your primary domain name?

To learn more about primary domain names and find out how to set yours, see Setting your website's primary domain name.



Do I have to link my existing domain names to my MYOB Atlas website?

No, you don't. But if you don't have a website for your existing domain names, we suggest that you link them to your MYOB Atlas website. This means that visitors who go to your existing web addresses will see your MYOB Atlas website.

Can I link a domain name that I don't own?

No, you can't. If you don't own a domain name, you can't change its DNS settings, and therefore can't link it to your MYOB Atlas website.

What is a domain name registrar?

Your domain name registrar is the company who you registered your domain name through. They're responsible for updating your registrant details and renewing your domain name when it expires.

How do I find out which company is managing my domain names?

To find out who is managing your domain names, you can do a WHOIS search.

To do this, do a Google search for the term 'WHOIS search'. You'll find numerous websites that allow you to search the WHOIS records for your domain names. The WHOIS records will include details about the company who manages your domain names.

Does my domain name management company need to add both values for the A record?

If possible, we suggest that your domain name management company adds both values ( and as your domain name's A record. If they can only add one value, they can use either one.

How do I unlink a domain name?

To unlink a domain name that you've linked to your website, click My domain names in the Settings toolbar. In the Linked domain names section of the My domain names page, click Unlink next to the domain name that you want to unlink. The domain name will be unlinked from your website immediately.

Note that you should contact the company who manages your domain name to update the DNS (Domain Name Server) settings for your domain name.