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  • Manually entering transactions into a client file in BankLink Practice



BankLink Practice

If you've identified any transaction data gaps in a BankLink system account, you can fill those gaps by creating a manual bank account, entering the missing transactions, then combining the manual account with the system account.

Let's step you through it:


1. Add a manual bank account to a client file
  1. Open the clients file.
  2. Click Other Functions > Bank Accounts. The Maintain Bank Accounts window appears.
  3. Click New. The Add Manual Bank Account window appears.
  4. Click Yes to proceed.
  5. Enter the remaining details as required. This information doesn’t need to be specific or relevant as the manual account is deleted when combined with a system bank account later in this topic.
2. Add manual entries to the manual bank account
  1. Open the file to which you want to add manual data.
  2. Click Data Entry > Manual Entries.
  3. If BankLink Practice displays the Select Account to add Manual Transactions to window, select the required account and click OK. The Add Manual Entries window appears.
  4. Enter the transactions that are missing from the bank account.
3. Combine the manual and system bank accounts
  1. Click Other Functions > House Keeping > Combine Manual & System Bank Accounts. The Confirm Combine Bank Accounts window appears.
  2. Click Yes. The Combine Manual & System Bank Accounts window appears.
  3. Click the Manual Bank Account list to select the account you want to transfer.
  4. Click the System Bank Account list to select the account you want to transfer the entries to.
  5. Enter the From and To dates for the range of entries you want to transfer.
  6. Click OK. The Transfer Entries window appears.
  7. Click Yes. The entries are transferred and an Information window appears.
  8. Click OK. The Delete Manual Bank Account window appears.
  9. Click Yes. The manual bank account is deleted.