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BankLink Practice

The BankLink Practice help guide is a "CHM" file, but Microsoft Security Update 896358 prevents CHM files being viewed across the network. This prevents the BankLink Practice help guide from working.

To fix this issue, you'll need to run the file bk5NetHelpFix.exe to add a registry entry which enables the help guide to be displayed successfully.

Using a terminal server?

The bk5NetHelpFix.exe file will need to be run in Install Mode while logged in as administrator. This ensures the required registry entry is created against all user profiles.

To run the file bk5NetHelpFix.exe

To complete these steps, ensure you're logged into Windows as an administrator or a user with local administrator access.

  1. Navigate to the BK5 folder.
  2. Double-click the file bkNetHelpFix.exe
    If you're not logged into Windows as an administrator, right-click the file bkNetHelpFix.exe and choose Run as administrator and enter the administrator username and password. If unsure of these details, contact your internal/external IT Department.
  3. Click Update Registry.