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You can use the payroll reports to keep track of what you’ve paid to your employees, and how much you owe in PAYE and KiwiSaver contributions. If you need to, you can also reprint or email payslips from past pay runs.

The following reports are available in the Payroll section of the Reports page. See Payroll reports for more information about how to produce individual payroll reports.

IRD monthly returns

Access the forms you need to lodge with the IRD each month, including Employer deductions (IR345), Employer monthly schedule (IR348) and KiwiSaver employee details (KS1). For more information on these reports, see Monthly IRD returns.

To access IRD monthly return reports, choose IRD monthly returns from the Payroll menu.

Past pay runs

For each pay run you’ve processed, you can view a summary report showing all employees’ pay by clicking the PDF icon in the Summary column for the required pay run period.

You can also print or email payslips by clicking Print/Email and selecting which employees to print or email payslips for. You can view an individual employee’s payslip by clicking on the PDF icon in the Payslip column for the required employee.

To access past pay run reports and previous payslips, choose Past pay runs from the Payroll menu. Need to change or fix a pay? See Changing or deleting a pay.

Payroll summary & details

View reports containing information about all of your payroll activity for any specified date range (or for the year to date). These reports will help you to fill in your IRD monthly reports (New Zealand only). For more information, see Monthly IRD returns.

To access payroll summary and detail reports, choose Payroll summaries from the Payroll menu.


View one or more employees’ annual or sick leave for a specified date range or for the year to date.

This lets you see leave entitlements at a glance, or dive deeper to view detailed breakdowns of available, taken and remaining annual and sick leave balances.

Need to view or enter pay history for employees? See Pay history.

Other useful reports

You can use the Balance Sheet report to see the balances of your payroll liability accounts. These balances will tell you how much PAYG and superannuation (Australia) or PAYE and KiwiSaver (New Zealand) and other deductions you owe.