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Key points
  • To pay an employee, set them up in MYOB Essentials and enter some basic details
  • Obtain the relevant declaration form from new employees - see Before you start below for details
  • Add new employees from the Payroll menu > Employees > Add employee
  • If you'll be paying the employee directly into their bank account, record their bank details - see Paying employees electronically for details
  • Once you've added employees, make sure you've completed all other payroll setup tasks

Before you start

There's a couple of things you'll need to do before adding an employee.

Ask the employee to complete and give you a Tax code declaration (IR330) form, containing their tax information. You’ll need this form in front of you when you’re entering their details. They can download this form from the  IRD website (PDF viewer required).

Your employee might also give you a special tax code or student loan repayment certificate (IR23), which authorises you to change the rate at which they pay tax or student loan repayments.

If you're using Payday filing, you only need to add employee details to MYOB Essentials – you don't need to then add them to myIR.

Need to change something? See Updating an employee's details or Deactivating or reactivating employees.

To add an employee

To add an employee

  1. Go to the Payroll menu and choose Employees.
  2. Click Add Employee. The New Employee page appears. Each tab on this page stores different information for the employee.
    New employee page with tabs highlighted
  3. Enter the employee's details on each tab:

    On this tabEnter these detailsLearn more
    Employee details
    • Personal and contact details
    • Employment status
    • Pay rate or salary
    • Bank account details
    Enter an employee's pay details
    • Tax code declaration (IRD number and Tax code)
    • Special tax code or student loan repayment form
    Enter tax details
    Pay items - earnings & deductionsCreate or assign earnings (like overtime, bonuses or allowances) or deductions (like child support payments or salary sacrifice)Assigning pay items to employees
    LeaveSet up the employee's leave entitlements, like annual leave, sick leave, and personal leaveSet up leave
    KiwiSaver (New Zealand only)
    • KiwiSaver status
    • Employee contribution rate
    • Employer contribution rate
    Set up KiwiSaver
    Pay history
    • Enter pay history prior to using MYOB Essentials
    • View and delete past payruns
    Pay history
    NotesAny extra information you want to record for the employee, like emergency contact detailsEnter notes about the employee
  4. When you're done, click Save.

    Can't enter info or click Save? The Save button is only active if you've entered all mandatory info on all tabs (required fields are highlighted in yellow). If you're still having issues, try another web browser - we recommend Google Chrome (download it here).

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