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MYOB Practice is a collection of online tools that make it easy and convenient to manage all aspects of working with your clients. Whether it's sharing compliance tasks with specific clients, or getting an overview of all outstanding work across your entire client base, you can access everything you need in one place.

Tasks that MYOB Practice can help manage 

MYOB Practice can help you with a range of tasks that your practice needs to manage:

  • Tax and compliance Keep your clients compliant by preparing, lodging and filing tax returns and all related content.
  • Online portal for you and your clients Set tasks for your clients to complete by a specific date.
  • Clients and contacts stored online Easily access details, create associations, assign staff and restrict access.
  • Transaction processing Monitor client files and transactions via a dashboard.

  • Document storage Upload, find and share key documents.

Benefits of a browser-based system

One of the great things about MYOB Practice being an online, browser-based tool set is that you can enjoy all the usual features that come with your browser.

  • Always up-to-date  No desktop installations! Access everything in your browser.

  • Tabbed browsing – Right-click a tab and duplicate it to compare pages side by side. Or right-click a link and select Open link in new tab.
  • Jump straight to the right spot  Use Ctrl+F to find a specific search term. Particularly useful in long lists!
  • Take a closer look – Use Ctrl + or - to zoom in or out on a page.
  • Find your way back – Click your browser's back button to return to a previous page.

Get started

To get set up and learn more about how to use MYOB Practice, see Setting up and getting started with MYOB Practice.